Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Did you ever think of spending some quality time of your life deep into outskirts of India? I mean rural India, amid beautiful villages which may lie somewhere between beautiful mountains, between dense jungle, or somewhere in between desert like western Gujrat and Rajasthan, where you can stay and live close to the beautiful nature, feel and experience the charm of it, and soak it inside.  
I am sure you want to go/visit, if given a list of beautiful villages and an opportunity to stay in such villages.

Ok…………we are doing it; doing it with purpose and convection. We are running a campaign called “Most Beautiful Village in India (MBV-I)” to identify as it name suggests the most beautiful villages across India. It is an effort being made to preserve indigenous culture, rich heritage, enhance the beauty further and strengthen the community to make it sustainable.
It is a process of identifying at least 10 villages this year and bring them all at a single platform so that they can promote themselves; share their greatest assets and qualities with world, make them aware that they have something you are looking for desperately -the calmness, where you feel like never before- aesthetic, happiness and joy, and the charm of being a part of a new family.
We’ll make it possible with your help. If you ever visited such a place and truly believe that it can be considered “Most Beautiful Village”, please do write us about it. Also why it may be considered one of the most beautiful villages -few special things about it. It may be art & craft, vibrant culture and life style, natural beauty, rivers, lacks, house style, water fall, Jungle, food and the list goes on. The list is not a last list so it can be added/deleted/modified.


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